A Voltorb, ready to Implode.

Voltorb is a Pokemon that looks like a Poke Ball for no reason, yet for some reason it isn't. It isn't very good because it has no brain and keeps using Implode instead of its best move: Explode, which all enemies will have a high chace of fainting (Yet Voltorb will faint itself). Stupid trainers like Ash Ketchum keep catching them because they are so dumb. It evolves into Electrode, which looks like an upside down Poke Ball. (Just how dumb can developers get?) Voltorb appear in the Pokemon Platformer as enemies that implode, making them weaker than Oddish. Electrode also appear in the shame Pokemon Platformer, and they implode faster.

Trivia Edit

  • Like another stupid Pokemon, Lotad, Voltorb don't leik Mudkipz because Voltorb also have too low an IQ to liek them. Anyway, the average Voltorb IQ is 3.