Uhcakip is the exact opposite of Pikachu. It stands on its hands and does practically nothing with its feet. Its face is on its butt, and its tail is on its head. Uhcakip's colored a distinctive purple. Instead of attacking, it makes lightning shock itself. Fortunately, Uhcakip's fur is made of rubber, since the Pokemon world only applies 0.00000001% of all Physics concepts. Uhcakip is hated by most Pikachus, but the one who hates him the most is Ash's Pikachu. Uhcakip first appeared in the Pokemon Anime, where he got caught by Team Rocket, yet they realized it wasn't really Ash's Pikachu (Note: In the beginning of the episode, Jessie and James were colorblind for no reason, as they mentioned.)He was seen in an "episode" of Blastoid-And-Friends.