A generic Tyrogue before attacking

Tyrogue is a baby Pokemon that is very bellicose, also known as liking to punch or kick people. He can't punch or kick people very well, though. Luckily, Tyrogue evolves into the Kick and Punch Pokemon at level 20, depending on how good he is at Attacking/Defending. He also turns into the Spin-Kick Pokemon, but that isn't exactly helping, because literally all he can do is spin around at that point.


All Tyrogue are boys, which is why all of the references say either "Tyrogue", or "he". Tyrogue wears brown shoes and shorts, but no shirt. This is probably because he sweats a lot. Tyrogue has pink skin, and he has white bands on its wrists and stomach, for no apparent reason. It has three fingers on its hands.


Mega Punch

Generic Kick Attack

Cute Face

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