A type is a thing that tells what a Pokemon can do, and sometimes their moves. All Pokemon have types, because all Pokemon are stupid and need something cool, like types and moves, to balance them out. Some Pokemon are type stealers and put their types in little plates. Three strange Pokemon are type copiers, and can copy other Pokemon's types.

List of typesEdit

Normal: The Normal type is a default type. Lots of Pokemon are Normal-type because they're really strange and would be in a type of their own. For example, Porygon and its evolutions could have been in the "Tech" type, but instead they were in the Normal type to save time.

Grass: The Grass type has Pokemon that can't do much, but die pretty easily. They can use sharp leaves to mildly tickle their opponents. This is one of the three starter types. 

Water: The Water type boasts having the largest amount of Pokemon that nobody cares about. Some barf water. This type is one of the three starter types.

Fire: The Fire type has mostly bland and unoriginal Pokemon. This type is one of the three starter types.

Fighting: The Fighting type includes many Pokemon that like to be pecked constantly by birds until they die.

Rock: The Rock type has amazingly horrible defensive stats that only go up in sandstorms for some reason, and for some other reason are usually paired with their ripoff counterpart, Ground. They usually get rekt by common types, like Grass and Water. They are usually found inside caves with other horrible Pokemon and Paras.

Ground: The Ground is basically Rock, but worse.

Bug: One of the worst types in the game, Bug types are as powerful as a Hyper Light Beam, and they are good against Dark types, which are killed by any decent Pokemon anyway. You can find these at the beginning of a shame, but you'll end up stuffing them into a Box in the end due to the fact that they are worthless.

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