Thunder Armor is an electric-type move that can only be used by Pikachu and Swellow together. Pikachu sits on Swellow's back and fires a Thunder attack into the sky that zaps zeus's butt and he gets angry and throws a lightning bolt at and they absorb the electricity (even though Swellow's a flying type) And go super saiyan. all their attacks then temporarily become electric type and more powerful and have a 50% chance to paralyze the foe and can break barriers like Light screen and Reflect.


  • Type: Electric
  • PP: 5 (max. 8)
  • Power:: OVER 9000!
  • Accuracy: 100%
  • Physical contact?: Yes
  • Range: Yes
  • Affect?: Two opponents

Pokemon that can learnEdit

  • Pikachu (lv 88)
  • Swellow (lv 88)


This move was invented by Ash ketchum when he was battling two psycho twins with a Lunatone and Solrock.


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