Team Rocket is an organization that, while it seems to be evil, they are people really helping Pokemon. Their biggest foe is Ash Ketchum, as he is a threat to every Pokemon known to the people in the Pokemon Universe and he is the owner of a very, very, very, very, really evil Pikachu just simply called Pikachu. In nearly every episode of the Pokemon Anime they try to steal his Pikachu so that they could mesmerize it into being good. But before they'll do that they want to give their boss a seizure. However, they always fail by flying off into the stratosphere. There are also other things that happen to them. For example, in one episode they were trapped in a cave at the end after Ash and his Pokemon leave them there. Despite the thin air and their poor landings, they always come back uninjured every episode. It is unknown how that is possible, though. Their members are Jessie,James, and Meowth, who are the previously mentioned guys who are somehow alive up to today. Other members are generally known as Team Rocket Grunts.

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