Stinkachu is a really bad smelling Pikachu that was dropped into a dumpster at birth. He is also very ugly, as the doctor slapped his mom instead. Unlike most Pikachus, he was not evil, but the stench killed many people. Stinkachu once resided at random sewers, making up 98.9% of the smells. Later, Gary Tree name caught it in an attempt to finally kill Ash's Pikachu, which ends in failure. Gary realeased Stinkachu, who ended up at Doctor Tree Name's Lair, where Doctor Tree name discovered that Pikachus can't smell at all. It escaped by getting so smelly that the gas mask that Tree name was wearing melted (Despite the fact he survived). Eventually, Stinkachu commited suicide by licking itself, as it smelled so bad it tasted as horrible as its smell.

Legacy Edit

None. However, in one Pokemon episode, Ash's Pikachu rolls in garbage, making it stink REALLY bad. Plus the Stink puddle in Ash: Fart and Idiot was almost as stinky as Stinkachu, according to what Doctor Tree name said.


  • Unlike most Pikachus, Stinkachu was some color that looked like a mixture of brown and green.
    • Shiny Stinkachus are purple, despite the fact that there is only one Stinkachu and that isn't shiny.
  • Stinkachu is the only Pokemon other then the Chimchar Evolution Tree that can learn the Flaming Poop Attack. However, since there was only one Stinkachu in history, it was just shown using the attack.
    • Plus, how its waste could get on fire is something we don't want to know.