“I like Squirtles.”
Ash Ketchum


A Squirtle

Squirtle is a Pokemon that is based off of a turtle. It is a Water-Type Pokemon. In the early Pokemon shames, it is one of the starter Pokemon. Squirter is the seventh Pokemon in the Pokedex. It eveolves into Wartortle. They also had a bloody history. It got replaced by Totodile, so Totodile is Squirtle's replacement for Generation 2. Eventually Totodile got replaced by Mudkipz in Generation 3. However, Nintendo, for some strange reason, decided to remake the early shames for the Nintendo Shameboy. This meant that the Generation Water Replacement Tree went something like this: Squirtle > Totodile > Mudkipz > Squirtle > Mudkipz > Piplup. Many people have been driven insane by this crazy, yet simple timeline of replacements.



Ash's Squirtle, who is about to get his revenge.

Since it is known to bash into people by using its skull, this caused many people to kill them, making them endangered. Soon, all the remaining Squirtles got angry and they formed a mafia known as the Squirtle Squad. They got their revenge but were soon tracked down by the authorities. Now they have to do communtiy services. Ash's Squirtle also joined them, and he once returned to get his revenge on Ash, but it ended up fighting for Ash. His Squirtle escaped and returned to the Squirtle Squad, and it's currently unknown if they'll ever strike again. Recently, a message was sent out to Vulpix TV during its news broadcast, saying that the Squirtle Squad would strike again yet many people ignored this, mostly liberals. The Squirtle Squad got angered by this and killed loads of people for no reason.

Notable Squirtles

In other Shame Series

A Squirtle appears alongside with Ivysaur and Charizard as the Pokemon Trainer's Pokemon in Super Smash Brothers Brawl.