This movie is about when everyone is brainwashed, and then they think that UNOWN is a legendary Pokemon. Then this man gets in the "Unown Dimension" and his silly little daughter named Molly plays Scrabble by herself with some "Unown tiles" from an "Unown box" and the Unown grant all of her wishes, including making a pretend Entei who she thinks is her father. Then Molly kidnaps Ash's Mom, and then Ash and his posse go to Molly's house. Then Ash annoys the pretend Entei, and Ash's fat lizard comes to help but is beaten up, but then Molly stops the fight and traps the Unown back in their Scrabble tile box. This movie is responsible for making dozens of little kids think that Unown was a legendary Pokemon with more than one Pokemon move.

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