Spearow is a Flying-type and Normal-type Pokemon that is considerd to be stronger than Pidgey, which is true. It's known to be a counterpart with Pidgey, Tailow, and Starly. However, unlike the other small birds, Spearow only evolves once.

Behavour Edit

Spearow like to peck nearly anything that's alive.

Appearence Edit

Spearow is in the appearence of a small bird with a pointy beak, which hurts you REALLY bad if you get pecked.

In the Anime Edit

In the show, ALOT of Spearow appeared in the first episode, where they wanted to kill Ash Ketchem and his Pikachu. However, they phailed horribly, and they were all defeated by his Pikachu, in two shots. They later returned after Ash became the Pokemon Champion in Kanto, where they attempted to attack them again, this time with a Fearow.