Snorlax, the obese pokémon

Snorlax (a.k.a Fatty) is a species of Pokémon that have a super-sized figure with a ultra fat belly. It evolves from Munchlax. Snorlax is one of the heaviest and fattest Pokémon in the world.


Snorlax is extremely lazy. It refuses to move or exercise. It can sleeps for a whole day, and even Exploud's Hyper Voice could not wake it up. It also eats huge lumps of food at once, which explains its big size.


Snorlax eats about 100 mouthfuls of berries per day, where 1 mouthful is equivalent to about 250 berries. It also eats human objects such as bicycle tires and balloons. It seems that the gastric juice in its stomach has pH as low as 1, causing human objects to be dissolve in it. Despite the extremely low pH of the juice, Snorlax do not feel any pain at all, and it can use the juice as a move.


It lives anywhere where there is food around. Any place will favour it, because it could just slam down on the ground and sleep like a childish Sleeping Beauty.


Snorlax are not aggressive in nature, unless when threatened. Whenever a small Pokémon or human tried to go against it by any means (such as not feeding it berries or provoke it), it will crush and kill them under its mighty weight. It may also eats its victim whenever it is facing near starvation.


  • Snorlax has a soft belly and can serve as a trampoline!
  • 'Snorlax' is used by children to make fun of fat people.
  • Snorlax's fat is extremely nutritious, so sometimes it eats its fat.


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