Skitty is a pink Normal-type Pokemon that resemblances as a cat. It's eyes is always one curved line, similar to the eyes of a anime character, Brock. Many people thought that it is cute, and kept them as pets, train it and showing off in a Cute contest. Skitty evolved into a Delcatty when a Moon Stone is used.

Some body told me when i was down at the shop that these are skittles and of course he was  mistaken ... chomp i go and there goes skitty so there i admitted it ... i ate a skitty because of a crapy shopkeeper!!! 

                                                                                                        PS. although it did taste quite tasty ... YUM!


  • It has a huge head - people wonder how its body support such head.
  • It have an eye with just one curved line - people thought they are blind.
  • It have ears with three tips.
  • Its face have a yellow crescent - it loves mooncake!
  • It has a tail with two sections:
    • One skinny one, connected to its butt.
    • One bloated one, with three pollen-grains-like on it, seems heavy for the skinnier part of the tail to hold it.
  • Its feet is simple with no toes - they can't walk well on wet or slippery floors!


Skitty is an idiotic Pokemon, who kept chasing its large tail for no reason. Researchers cannot explained this behaviour, and they believed that Skitty is suffering from mental disorder.


Skitty is pink, and living in a grassy areas. It's body cannot camouflage well in the forest grounds because of its pink body, and easily spotted by predators. However, it manage to survive, possible as this Pokemon have such an extremely cute face that it seduce the predators not to eat it.


Skitty can evolved into Delcatty, using a Moon Stone.


Skitty's diet consist of nuts and berries. They eat nuts because they are nuts. They eat sweet berries such as Pecha Berry to look 'sweet'. They also eat mooncakes because they evolved into Delcatty using a Moon Stone.


May owns a Skitty because Skitty is super, duper, hyper, extremely, crazily adorable! It seduces May and May must catch it and keep it with her forever.

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