Oh, didn't you know there have been sightings of REAL freaky monsters? There have been quite a few, yet they're all debatable whether its imagination or not...

List of Sightings Edit

Pikachu Edit

Yeah, its that one evil, little Pokemon that's the mascot, so let's start with it.

  • 1996, the day Pokemon Red and Blue were released - There's this urban legend about some guy who simply went to this one store called Wal-Mart and bought Pokemon Blue (Because he prefers that color). A few hours later, he is sent to the hospital after being brutally mauled. His last words were "A Pikachu did it..." and he died. This is debatable if it is real or not.
  • The first day of January, 1997 - Some person was just walking. Yes, walking. He kept on walking until he (What he claims) got attacked by a rabid Pikachu. He was also sen to the hospital, where he got his rabies cured. Also someone took pictures of the attack, but skeptics thinks they are fakes.
  • December 30, 1997 - Another sighting in the same year. This time, two nerds were just sitting on the park bench playing Pokemon shames. Suddenly they saw lightning come out of the sky and kill someone, and nearby they saw a Pikachu. It was a cold day, but there were no storms, and the nerds blame it on the Pikachu. However, they said that they played too much Pokemon shames. However, coincidentally, there was a ton of ashes where the nerds reported where the person died and they also found a very tiny bit of hair that is yellow. Do you believe in Pokemon yet?

Latias Edit

Weird looking dragon thing.

  • Starting April 12-18, 2009 - A kid about 14 years old was la-de-da-ing like Mort would've done. Trust me, I had no idea what I was doing. Oops, I revealed who the kid was. Anyway, for some reason, a Latias swooped down and took the kid to her nest. It was a good thing he had friends, or he would've been forced into marriage with a Pokemon. If you responded no to the last question, how about now?



If this is not proof then what is it?

Cubones have been seen in mountainous forests all around the world and even somebody managed to take a picture of one. Do you believe in Pokemon now?