Ashs Noctowl

Ash's Noctowl, an example of a Shiny Pokemon

Shiny Pokemon are incredibly rare, with a 1 in 8192 chance of appearing. Shinies are no different from regular Pokemon except they sparkle when they appear and shiny Pokemon have different colors. They first appeared in the Pokemon Gold, Silver, and Crystal. Action replay thingies can make them always appear, but then you get the cheaters mark. A REALLY stupid moron had a shiny Noctowl, but he then stored it in a place where over 90% Pokemon get killed and it was never seen since... And, pretty much, never saw the light of day or darkness of night ever again. Just like most of his other Pokemon! Somehow, we talked with this Noctowl. This is his thoughts.

Noctowl: HE HAD A SHINY POKEMON! HE KILLED EVERYONE! How smart is this guy? IQ of 1... oh. Well, he sucks, the other's say that. 'Nuff said. Tip on Shiny Pokemon, please...DONT ****ING Kill them!

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