This is a list of shames.

Pokemon shames-GBA

A snapshot of a bunch of Pokemon shames.

List of Shames

This list is incomplete. If you would like, make it longer and bigger. Well, we'd want YOU to do it because... Well, just do it!

  • Pokemon Red - Pokemon Red was the first Pokemon shame. It was actually kind of good (not really). There wasn't over 4353445 Pokemon back then. It was for the GameBoy, and was pretty popular amongst nerds and 5-year-olds.
  • Pokemon Blue - This shame is the same as Pokemon Red, and was released at the same time, except everybody liked Pokemon Red better because it had a fat lizard on the box.
  • Pokemon Snap - This shame was a really stupid spin-off. You ride around in a machine on train tracks, and chuck apples and smoke bombs and Pokemon to try and get them to smile so you can take pictures of them. The phrase "Oh snap!" originated from this shame.
  • Pokemon Pinball - This was another stupid spin-off. It was pinball, but with little 'cute' Pokemon plastered all over the place so people would actually buy it.
  • Pokemon Yellow - This shame was the same as Pokemon Red and Blue, but a little Pikachu stalked you everywhere you went.
  • Pokemon Stadium - This is a cockfighting simulation shame. Except instead of chickens, you use Pokemon.
  • Pokemon Trading Card Shame - This shame is for people who really have no life. Instead of playing with real, physical Pokemon cards (already bad enough), you play with virtual Pokemon cards in a video shame.
  • Pokemon Puzzle League - Yet another stupid spin-off... You slide colored blocks around to try and get 3 in a row or more of them. It's an exact clone of Tetris Attack, just with Pokemon plastered all over to make some people buy it.
  • The Pokemon Game - Some interactive internet Pokemon game where you choose what you're going to do.
  • PokingMon - A game where Pokemon only attack by poking each other.
  • Pokermon - A Pokemon game with no humans. You choose a Pokemon you want to play as and the main thing is to play poker with other Pokemon.
  • Pokemon Platformer - The first Pokemon platform game.
  • Keromon Green - A pirated game in an attempt to make the original version better.
  • Pokemon Green - Another pirated game.
  • Pokemon Chaos Black - The best pirated shame ever.
  • Magikarp-VS-Everyone in the Legend of Zelda Game!-This is a game where a maniac who's brain is purple AND has an ugly fish body fights everyone from Legend of Zelda, A.K.A. Zelda in her own smelly series.