Scepgeot is a mutated Pokemon that is a mixture of Sceptile and Pidgeot, the final form of Treegey and evolved from Pidgeovyle. This is a rare breed of Pokemon and only one is thought to be exist. It is Grass and Flying type.



Scepgeot have a body of a Pidgeot, with green body at its breast. It have a some sort of feathers at the top of its head that made up of green, yellow and red - look like a parrot. It have two bird feet and two big foot from Sceptile. The brown wings are connected to the big foot, the grassy tail and the hand.


Nobody knows how Scepgeot is formed. It is not possible that this Pokemon form from genetic error, because Sceptile and Pidgeot are two entire different Pokemons and cannot mate together.


Treegey @ (Level 16) -> Pidgeovyle @ (level 30) -> Scepgeot


Scepgeot is a Grass and Flying type Pokemon. It cannot use Fly, because the wings is connected to the huge body at the back, and is to heavy to fly. It can use its parent move, and some unique and crazy moves like Hypersolarbeam Durian Aroma and Bamboo blade of death.


Only one is exist and can be found in the Prof. Bitch's labortory, where Scepgeot is tested and tortured.


Not known how it is mutated to this form - maybe God mutate it because it commit a crime on wrecking the church in Hoenn.


Scepgeot is stubborn and imbecile, probably because Sceptile's brain is incompatitable with Pidgeot's brain.

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