Slash! Slash! A-a-a-a!

A Sandslash pretending to slash something, then laughing evilly (A-a-a-a!)

Sandslash is the evolution of Sandshrew, which is obvious, because both Pokemon have the same mousy face and scale armor. The only difference is that Sandslash is more evil and can attack better, because it has knife-claws. Some people say that it's related to Pikachu, because they're both evil. It is actually related to Raticate, which is really obvious when you compare the habits of the two. It often laughs evilly after winning a battle.


Sandslash has two white claws on each hand and foot and a white belly. These are the only parts of it that aren't a shade of brown. Its spikes are dark brown, except for one in the middle of its head, which is light brown. The rest of its fur is light brown. Its eyes are totally black.


Super Slash

Defensive Curl




Sandstorm has very powerful moves. Super Slash is when Sandstorm slashes the opponent. Defensive Curl is when Sandstorm goes into Defense Mode and curls up into a ball. Earthquake is when Sandstorm shakes the ground around the opponent, making it dizzy. Sandstorm is when Sandslash turns the ground around it into sand and throws it at the opponent. Dig is when Sandstorm digs into the ground and then goes up under the opponent, giving Sandslash time to use another attack. Sandslash can also learn an illegal combination (look below).

Stuff you might/might not want to knowEdit

  • Sandslash and Raticate are more closely related to Fighting-type (Mankey is their closest relative) than Pikachu.
  • Sandslash's illegal combination is: First it uses Dig and digs into the ground. Without surfacing, it uses Sandstorm on the entire stadium, since most of them are made out of dirt. Then, while the opponent is struggling, it surfaces and uses Earthquake. This move combination is illegal because it can kill the opponent, since the opponent is buried under the sand. 

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