Route 1 is the most important Route in Pokemon history. First appearing in Pokemon Blue and Pokemon Red, it is the first area where players train their Pokemon. Due to being the first route, it is filled with weak Pokemon that are really easy to capture. Or absolutely pwn in battle. This is also where a McDonald's is, usually used to battle all the cats eating Cheezburgerz, or to heal Pokemon with milkshakes and burgerz or mcnuggets. Also Fat lizard is not found in here! You may find a Gold McNugget on this route if you catch 45983459675098748097435987340598436783450983406845678093464985698243506954386573490865034598657453098673498056734095634956734098564530489657349856732409657450986745-96867458o604 Pokemon and set them all free at the hidden pokecentre at glitch city.

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