Rock types are known throughout all the shames to suck (a lot) and to have some of the most boring Pokemon designs that are humanely possible. They made their pathetic debut in the first edition of shames, where they were mostly outclassed by other, more overrated types, such as Fire. For some pointless reason, Rock types are usually paired with Ground types, which just makes them suck even more.

Weaknesses Edit

Rock types die to just about anything. Though they are easily killed, using largely pointless type advantages may speed the process up. Throwing a few leaves or spitting at it usually does the trick. Using a Fighting type move may also work, but it is highly improbable that one of your Pokemon will obtain a worthwhile Fighting move.

Resistances Edit

Though rock types aren't naturally good, they have a few meager resistances that can allow them to slow their painful and pathetic death. Trying to tackle one isn't very effective, and a few seconds of common sense will prove that any sort of fire-blasting is also useless. Poisoning one with noxious fumes is not very effective, but at least it will ensure that it will never, ever escape.

Notable Rock type Pokemon Edit

They aren't particularly notable to begin with, but this is in case you wanted to see how bad they are:

Trivia Edit

  • Geodude floats in the air, despite it being partly Ground type.
  • Rock types tie with Grass for having the most weaknesses. Just goes to show you how much they suck.

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