A Rattata Trap is an oversized mouse trap that is used to kill Rattatas in someone's house. They make small appearences in the show, where they are inside houses. They usually have Cheese on them, since Rattatas like Cheese so much. Also in the show, a girl named Casey had a Rattata that step into one of these, and it died. These sometimes lure Pikachus, which are also vermin, only eviler. Rattata Traps are entirely useless against Raticates, so at the moment there are Raticate Traps being patented. They're just not released to the public yet because of how much a threat they are to normal humans and they take up a lot of space. Ash Ketchem also once stepped in one in Ash's Idiotic Adventures. Currently, P.E.T.P. (the P.E.T.A. for Pokemon) is trying to ban these things. However, they are failing miserably at their movement.