A Rattata, looking for a victim

A Rattata is a very common Pokemon in the early Pokemon Shames, however since it was so common, it was replaced many times in later shames. Their flying equivelent is Pidgey. They evolve into Raticates, which had once caused an epidemic. Eventually some guy killed them all with Arceus. However due to Pokemon Breeding, they remain rare.


When Rattatas first appeared people were very annoyed that they appear so much, so in Generation 2 they were replaced by a pokemon called Sentret. However, people were annoyed by this Pokemon, so they were replaced by Zigzagoon. Afterwards, those were replaced by Bidoofs. Currently, they are found with much stronger Pokemon for some unknown reason.

During the 1340s, they had cuased an epidemic, and were often killed afterwards. It is reavealed it was only spreaded by the fleas on them. Currently they are vermin that aren't captured by Pokemon Trainers often. They usually end up being killed by some kind of trap.


Unlike most Pokemon, they are found nearly everywhere, including inside the interior of peoples' houses.


Rattatas are able to eat nearly anything, including Moldy Cheese.

Appearences in the animeEdit

A Rattata apeared in the first episode. When Ash attempted to catch a Pidgey, a Rattata stole some of the things in his bag.

They were later seen in the episode eight, where some Pokemon Trainer named A.J. has three of them for an unknown reason, as they slightly suck at battling.

A girl named Casey also has one, though it never appeared after the one-hundred and eighteenth episode. It was later revealed it was killed by a Rattata Trap. This was also the last time they appeared for some reason, but the writers don't care since they had the replacements of Rattatas. This was also to make the show look in-date instead of out-of-date.


  • Since they can live anywhere and eat nearly anything, this could be their key to survival.
  • Like in the first episode, they tell another Pokemon to stalk a trainer so they can steal the Trainers items. This sometimes happens in Pokemon Yellow, as the player is stalked by a Pikachu.
  • Rattatas and their evolution are the same species as Pikachu, Raichu, Sandshrew, and Sandslash, despite the fact Pikachu is usually called a Mutant Rat Pokemon.
  • Ironically, Rattata can use the F.E.A.R. tactic, giving it the ability to easily Kill things such as Arceus, who killed most of them in the first place. However, nobody really uses Rattata anyway.