Professor Oak, often known as "Professor tree name", is a rather old professor of Pokemon, despite the fact he isn't exactly smart. He conducts heinous experiments on Pokemon at his lab He first appeared in the Generation 1 games. He gives out the three starters of Kanto to random Pokemon Trainers, which are Bulbasore, Charmander, and Squirtle. In the games, he introduces the player to the Pokemon World, which is now clichéd. He is an associate with Professor Elm, Professor Birch, and Professor Rowan. He is currently left behind in Kanto with all of Ash's old Pokemon. He likes to enslave children by telling them to catch them all (And they don't even get a paycheck!), yet Legendaries only have one chance, and some Pokemon are found mainly in other regions. Plus, the Trading Centre has some idiotic idiots who have trades set up such as a level 100 Mew (demanded) with a level 1 Magikarp (Given back for trading).


This old professor has quite several creations.

  • Pikachus - This Pokemon of evil was created way back in the year 1778.
  • Officer Jenny clones - He only did it just because before he robbed the original Officer Jenny's grave people started going insane with no authorities to prevent them from doing anything.