Prof. Bitch is a professor living in the dirty environment of Littleroot Town. He works in his lab expermenting with the Pokemon by cutting out the internal organs and test them.


Pokemon EaterEdit

Prof. Bitch has a weird behaviour - eating Pokemon. He simply loves to eat Pokemon. Because he is a well-known professor, residents living around Littleroot Town also attempt to eat Pokemon. Prof. Bitch's favourite food is Zigzagoon and Poochyena, and is seen hunting one at Route 101, then being chased by one of them. His child has inherited his behavior and also eats Pokemon. His wife cursed that she had married a wrong husband and wanted a divorce, but afraid to do so because Prof. Bitch might eat her.

There is evidence that Prof. Bitch loves to eat Pokemon. This video is one of them:



Poochyena Experiment AccidentsEdit

Prof. Bitch did lots of experiments on Pokemon. Once, he cut open a Poochyena's body alive, and found out that Poochyena have the same body parts as humans - livers, intestines etc. However, he found out that Poochyena have a very tiny brain, a size of a pea. He thought that this explains why Poochyena are stupid in the wild.

However, he did not realize that the pea-sized brain is very condensed and powerful, as powerful as the normal human brain. Because he cut open one Poochyena, the other Poochyenas, angry at his experiments, surrounded Prof. Bitch, and scratched him till he went into a coma.


Prof. Oak is Prof. Bitch's lecturer in the Pokemon University when he is young. However, Prof. Oak does not like his student very much because of him indulging in eating Pokemon.

Prof. Elm is Prof. Bitch's partner and friend. They study together in the Pokemon University. Prof. Elm is also researching on people suffering from mental disorders. In this case, Prof. Elm did research on Prof. Birch's behavior. However, he fears that Prof. Bitch will kill him and eat him, he does it silently and stealthily.

Prof. Rowan is Prof. Bitch's lecturer in the Pokemon University when he was young. There are rumours that Prof. Rowan also likes to eat Pokemon, so that why Prof. Bitch eats Pokemon.

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