Potions are illegal items made by crazy people to heal Pokemon, yet they auctually are very lethal. A Potion causes one million HP damage to the Pokemon it is used on and causes poison. Despite being so bad stupid people like Ash Ketchum keep buying them and using them on their last Pokemon.

List of Potions Edit

  • Potion - This does the least damage, yet some people know that it still makes Pokemon faint.
  • Super Potion - Highly illegal and deadly, it can be bought after beating the first Gym Leader.
  • Hyper Potion - 100% illagal and super deadly, it is only sold at two places, yet when the player tries to buy it, they get so much warning it will take an hour to get rid of them all.
  • Max Potion - Since it was so lethal, it auctually heals Pokemon yet it's very expensive. It only heals five HP.