“Pokingmon! Gotta poke them all!”
PokingMon theme song

PokingMon is an unofficial shame that that was inspired by the unpopular franchise of Pokemon. It was made by kids who should get out more for kids who should get out more. The aim of the game is to poke as many Pokemon as possible. Ash Ketchum loves this game but is bad at it because he keeps getting eletrocuted by poking Pikachu in the shame. He also lost a finger by poking the toungue of a Totodile and got sick by tapping a Grimer. He got furious when trying to poke a Ghastly and he even did the impossible- he blew up a building by poking a Voltorb too much. In fact, he did it so fast it didn't have the time to Implode, thus making it ASPLODE. Apparently, that's how interactive this shame is which makes it unique.

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