Pokemon Ranger was a really horrible shame for the Nintendo DS. Unlike most Pokemon shames, this one was made by HAL Laboratory. This shame was boring, as you had to release Pokemon you want in the other games when you go somehere else, yet after beating the game, you can take up to seven anywhere. However, throughout the game you stay with either a Plusle or a Minun, depending on your gender. This game is had a sequel, and it has some of the Fourth Generation Pokemon. The only Pokemon you can get from this game is Manaphy, yet Pokémon Pearl and Diamond came out sometime later. Anyway in this game you have to enslave Pokemon lead an angry mob of Pokemon as your character is too wimpy to do things him/herself. However, the Pokemon are lazy, so they only do one thing once before fleeing. Plus, they have to be strong enough or something to get rid of certain obstacles.