Pokémon PoopBrown is a shame released for the Nintendo SD on June 33 in Japan. The Pokémon on the box is literally a piece of scat. It goes back to the Kanto region and has all new Pokémon, including Foodoof, Kcick, Fakumonomukaf, Scatacs, and Yoremomeroy. It has shitty graphics and a horrible plot. It is the worst Pokémon game in the history of all games ever. Scatacs is the Pokémon featured on the box cover, and is the best version of Pokemon, though Digimon is much better. In response to this awesome game, Unpokemon is in the process of creating Unpokemon: The Pokemon Game, which has no glitches, no stupidity, and is better than any Pokemon game ever created. Play the unfinished version here.

What an amazing Game Cover!

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