The Pokemon League is a ridiculously large castle where the Elite Four reside. To keep trainers out, the demonic Mr. Krabs lurks nearby, ready to eat any trainers that do not have the 8 badges received from the gang known as Gym Leaders. It is also guarded with trainers that have Pokemon that are killing machines. Everybody is too cowardly to dare to face them, as each Elite Four member is 1337.

It has changed several times over the years, due to the magical money bag of each of the Elite Four members. To get there, trainers have to go through an ridiculously large cave known as Victory Road, full of Pokemon that would make trainers run home to their mothers.

Basically, it's almost impossible to get inside the castle. If you do, good luck out there. It also have five towers, although due to poor construction they can only be accessed by the Elite Four themselves.

Notable ResidentsEdit

Mr. Krabs

All the Elite Four members

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