Pokemon Blue is a total rip-off of Pocket Monsters Blue. The game sucked really bad and the only good thing is that kids get their own freedom (though they were actually enslaved). Pokemon Blue was less popular than Pokemon Red since Pokemon Red had a fat lizard on the box, as Poopémon Blue has a fat-ass turtle on the cover

one you'll be less wary of : MISSINGNO. it only corrupts your hall of fame well... only if you have one you can get it by! 1st talk to the old man in viridian city he ask if your in a hurry say NO. 2nd after the tutorial fly to cinnabar island. 3rd surf against the edge of the shoreline DO NOT GET ON THE SHORE! 4th be glad you have the master ball if you dont well... bad idea 5th enjoy your catch! note: you might get an abnormaly high leveled pokemon for example a lv.146 Mewtwo its alright nothing happens if you send it out to battle and win it the pokemon will be lv. 100.

another one if you shore to long against the shore you ecounter a glitch trainer that istantly freezes your game so BEWARE! Who fucking cares about fat lizards! Just because pokemon red has a fat lizard on the box the fat lizard got more fat! now the fat lizard is called [[Charizard|fat fat fat fat lizardhinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn