PokemonNever is the 0th Pokémon movie. Thankfully, ShameYear is better than it.


One day, Arceus was eating some salad when he sneezed on it. Then the salad turned into a Pokémon called Celebi which flew away into a forest. Soon Celebi found some guy and ate him.

Celebi then began to like the taste of human flesh and started to eat people. However, some idiot was eaten by Celebi and killed it due to Celebi eating his stupidity. That idiot (who used a knife to get out of Celebi's dead body) then began to dance and got his mom to turn Celebi's body back into a salad. However, Arceus came by and stole the salad and kicked the idiot in the head and reduced his IQ from 24 to -69.

Then Mewseventhousandthreehundredandtwentyeight (the next Mewtwo form after Mewseventhousandthreehundredandtwentyseven, introduced after they changed the name character limit to 100) ate them all, but then caught ear cancer also died due to nomming up Ash's stupidity.