Pokémon, I Choose You! is the first episode of the Pokémon anime.


Ash Ketchum is a ten year old boy who is about to get his first Pokémon. However, because he's a lazy idiot, all of the Pokémon are taken before he can get there a, and thus he is given Pikachu, who zaps him.

Upon being zapped Ash finds out he has become a living magnet, and accidentally erases all the tapes of a video store when he walks in. Luckily, he manages to record homemade versions of the tapes which become huge hits.

Unfortunately an evil trio posing as lawyers attempt to shut down the store where Ash is selling the tapes by accusing him of plagiarism. However, Pikachu zaps the lawyers because he doesn't like them, causing them to blast off, which would be presumably fatal, though they reappear the next episode.

Then for no reason Pikachu blows up a bike, causing Misty to start stalking Ash join Ash's group in the hopes that he'll pay her back for the bike one day. Which he won't.



  • Poop is poop when spelled backwards.
  • "Team Rocket" is also a brand of shoes.
  • Shoes are shoes.
  • Ash got a big fat F on his report card.

Next time on Pokemon...Edit

Pokemon Emergency


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