Pinkachu is a pink Pikachu that likes flowers. Also, he is very kind to people, even if they are mean to him. However, the only person that Pinkachu hates is Ash's Pikachu, as he is VERY, REALLY, EXTREMELY evil to all of Pokemon and any other living things. This started when he saw Ash's Pikachu beating up Ash Ketchem with a rake and thought that Ash was suffering. However, it turned out Ash was laughing because his weak brain, which didn't react good enough to his nerves, thought he was being tickled. Anyway, Pinkachu grabbed a Basebal Bat (Note: It is unknown if there are any real sports in the Pokemon Universe, as Pokemon Battles are fake.) and started whacking Ash's Pikachu. However, since Pinkachu was the kindest Pikachu ever he immediately fainted from being a bad person. Despite this he still attempted to kill Ash's Pikachu in that episode one day afterwards, and to this day he is still attempting to kill him (In their world, of course). Pinkachu also appears in the Mario series in games like mario hoops 5 on 5.