The Pikakip is a horrible hybrid between Mudkip and Pikachu. It was created by the sick and twisted professor, Oak. Clap because of his brilliant insanity.

Behavior Edit

Since it is the combination of two Pokemon that are not both even under the same kind of class scientifically, it either lives in a pond or in the depths of a forest. It loves to do evil stuff and they also have daily conversations with normal Mudkips and Pikachus since the Pikakip knows both the Mudkip Language and the Pikachu Language. It likes to use Mud Sport all the time for some reason, yet it decreases the strength of his electric type moves. It likes Ash, because it thinks that it is better than Ash's Pikachu.

The moment Oak laid eyes on the lifeless body of the bathrobe-clad woman
	sprawled across the bathroom floor, Detective Leary knew pikakip had
	committed suicide by grasping the cap on the tamper-proof bottle,
	pushing down and twisting while she kept her thumb firmly pressed
	against the spot the arrow pointed to, until it hit the exact spot
	where the tab clicks into place, allowing it to remove the cap and
	swallow he entire contents of the bottle, thus ending pikakip's life.

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