The Pikachoo is a Pikachu with a very bad cold, is one the very few Pikachus that isn't evil, like Stinkachu. It has a very minor role in the Pokemon Anime, and the only thing it does is sneeze. He is always carrying a tissue. In one Pokemon Anime episode, he goes to a random town and gives everybody a cold. He later got beaten up by Ash's Pikachu. However, our Heroes got the virus, and it turned out that is was the Pikachu Flu. That and the fact they have to save themselves from becoming Pikachus is the conflict of the episode. Ever since that, he stayed away from Ash Ketchem and his gang of random guys. Pikachoo currently has many minor appearences.In Blastoid-And-Friends, he had a heart attack, so Blastoid and The creature from the black lagoon went on a journey to get a sample of Mew's magic, the only thing to save picachoo!