A Pidgey is a pudgy and small bird that is a Flying-type and Normal-type Pokemon. It is often said to be weaker than Spearow. It is allied with Spearow, Tailow, and Starly. It evolves into Pidgeotto.

Behaviour Edit

Any Pidgey likes to kick sand in other living creatures' eyes when they feel threatened or, whenever they want to. They are often known to leave "droppings" at around 30% of the places they fly over. Roughly half of their droppings (15%) manage to fall onto people, and 90% of those people are Pokemon Trainers.

Trivia Edit

  • In the show, Ash Ketchem couldn't catch one in the first episode. However, two episodes later he caught a Pidgeotto. Nobody knows how this could happen, however... As Ash is a moron, of course.