Phoenix Wright is a lawyer who suddenly took up Pokemon after getting the Mudkip Syndrome. Miraculously, he recovered when a Mudkip bombed his house. His appearance in the Ace Attorney series is much better than the Pokemon, yet nobody cares. When he appeared into the Pokemon World, he had such an effect, that every pokemon he has gets the move Objection!!! In Pokémon Pearl and Diamond, you get to fight him. However, you need to fulfill certain things first. He is stronger than Nobody.

Phoenix Battle RequirementsEdit

1.First, you have to get at least one of his games.

2.In that game, beat all the cases.

3.Get the Mudkip Slippers V2.0 (Exactly same.)

4.Find him in the Spear Pillar with Cyrus.

If you dont do all of them, you will not find him.


So you are trying to get Dialga and Palkia out of slavery of Cyrus, and back to Arceus. You find Cyrus, kill him, and they are stopped. Team Galactic leaves, saying that "Cyrus was pretty emo, anyway. He sucked." Before you leave, a voice shouts out OBJECTION!! You are then thrust into battle.


Pokemon and StrategyEdit

His pokemon are very powerful.

Lvl 100 Shoop Da Whoop-Close to learning Ludricrous Beam.

Lvl 1337 Mudkip-Gives mudkip syndrome and has working Kill.

Lvl 1337 Ninetales-REAL.

Lvl 50 Pikachu-Has working Kill move.

Lvl 1 Magikarp-Yeah...he was dared. LOL.

Lvl 9001 Arceus-Judgement AND Objection?! Insane.

Strategy:Nobody can fight him...except if you use Objection!!! on Arceus, and Kill everything else.

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