An Oddish pretending to be happy.

Oddish is a blue thingie with small legs and spiky green hair which is really grass. They go insane often because they suck so much and scream and jump off cliffs. It also buries itself in the ground. In other words, Oddish is some weird Grass and Poison type Pokemon. It evolves into Gloom, another mediocre Pokemon. Oddish first appeared in the Generation 1 shames where it wasn't really worth catching. The only good thing about Oddish is that it has a lot of attacks which inflict status problems, but it still sucks. They also somehow have the abillity to dig themselves into the ground despite having a lack of arms/hands. However, since they look more like auctual weeds this way people use weed wackers on them, thus killing them. Apparently, one helped Ronald McDonald steal Arceus's powers and he paid the Magikarp to eat the Chicken McNuggets and so that is how it got Arceus Powers.