A Nuzleaf. See any signs of extreme plastic surgery?

Nuzleaf is a Pokemon that wants to be a Pikmin. If you meet a Nuzleaf and call it a Pokemon it will go insane and insist that it is a Pikmin by carving random pictures on a slice of cheese, even though it's not a Pikmin. Nuzleaf actualy look a bit like Pikmin but this is because they went through masses of plastic surgery for this. Without all of it they would look like Seedot. Infact Nuzleaf are seedots that want to be Pikmin. Why they suddenly decide they want to be Pikmin is probably because they played too much of the game and would want to be a Pikmin since they only live for thirty seconds.


A Pikmin, what every Nuzleaf wants to be.

Other than all of that Nuzleaf are Grass and Dark type Pokemon despite the fact they are still Seedots only modified by tons of plastic surgery. Pretty much lots of plastic surgery is the only way to get a Nuzleaf yet it takes quite a lot of time. It is just better for a Seedot to just evolves into Shiftry since it takes much less time.


In Ash's Idiotic Adventures in Ash Trys to play the Wii, it is found out that Ash is stupid enough to think that Pikmin are Nuzleafs. Quote: AAAAAARGH Why are Nuzleafs stalking me?