Nobody is a very dark and hulking figure seen in Pokemon Shames. He is also very fast, requiring the Mudkip Slippers to catch him. Otherwise, he looks like a large dark dot going across the screen. While he's mentioned in other series, Nobody appears in person in Pokemon shames. He always has Mudkipz but he doesn't have the Mudkip Syndrome. He is also seen in Pokemon spin-offs, where he only appears if it's thought that no-one is in the area. Apparently, this also applies to the main shames.

The Nobody QuestEdit

It is possible to engage in a Pokemon Battle with Nobody. Just follow these steps.

  1. Go to Route 7 and beat up all the trainers there.
  2. Enter the route again and all the trainers will be gone. The minute you enter the route, you will see a dark, hulking figure exit down into Route 8.
  3. Enter into Route 8 and you will see Nobody at the bottom of the screen again. Walk down to him and talk to him. He will say that you can fight him if you can beat him in a race. Equip the Mudkip Slippers and chase after him. When you are getting close to him, equip your Hammer and knock him out.
  4. The screen will go black and then you will reappear at a Pokemon Center. Quickly run to the door before Nobody gets out and challenge him to a battle.

Battling NobodyEdit

Nobody's Pokemon are very strong. Here are their levels:

Lv. 70 Mudkip
Lv. 464 Mudkip
Lv. 1 Mudkip
Lv. 37 Mudkip
Lv. OVER 9000 Mudkip
Lv. 13583 Mudkip

Strategy Edit

Beat 'em up with Grass type Pokemon.