Naruto is a stunt stand-in for Ash in the Pokemon Anime. He was the reason that the Pokemon anime was so successful. Also, he made his own manga series. He works for Ash Ketchup, because Ash Ketchup helped him get the job. Soon, people realized who he was. They made a fake anime about him, and they didn't even make him play Naruto in the anime.


Naruto is a highly trained, leucistic ninja warrior, with white skin, white hair and blue eyes. However, he usually wears a body paint that gives him light brown skin instead of white.

When he was born, he was raised as a Pokemon would be. This is because the town was superstitious, and Naruto was leucistic. The only person who didn't treat him like a walking Pokemon was an old ninja master, who trained him. Naruto realized that since his white skin made him stand out in almost every surounding, he had to be extremely stealthy. FInally, he was so sneaky that he was able to run over people's roofs without them noticing.

Soon he was thrown out of his hometown because the old ninja master told somebody that he had trained Naruto. Then Naruto sneaked onto a plane and wound up in Pallet Town. He was a smart person; however, he had no idea how to use Pokemon. Then, someone looked up while he jumped from roof to roof. It was an anime producer who needed a stuntperson for one of the young actors who was totally uncoordinated. It helped that he was leucistic, so they could just paint him different colors.

After that, he did all of Ash's stunts. When Ash got shocked, that was Naruto. When Ash got hit on the head, that was Naruto. Also, he had to play all the Pokemon because Ash Ketchum was probably the only person in the world other than Naruto that didn't know how to battle with Pokemon. This is why none of the sizes are correct.

Personality Edit

Naruto is smart and able to sneak around very well. However, he was raised like a Pokemon, and thus, he has no idea how to use Pokemon to his advantage. He was an idiot who was kept in a cage until Ash Ketchup found him and got him to the city. He also told Naruto many things about being human. Despite this, Naruto is still quite naive and, thanks to a contract, literally belongs to the Pokemon Anime. He also doesn't really know how to act human, and what good treatment is. He has no life either. Also, since he was treated like a Pokemon and only taught about them by a ninja who did not use Pokemon, he is very empathetic towards them. This makes him a laughingstock, because he lives in a world where ten-year olds use their Pokemon to beat up other Pokemon until they faint.

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