A Munchlax is a baby Pokemon that eventually evolves into Snorlax. It can eat lots of food without getting obese, instead just gaining weight until it is 1,014 pounds. This is how it evolves in the wild, because no Pokemon is friendly to a food hog. However, in captivity, it evolves with friendship. It is very heavy though, and it can sit on other Pokemon and fall on other Pokemon as moves. It doesn't have its evolution's stomach acidity, so it cannot eat metal, glass, or anything else that is sharp. If it does, it might die.

Game appearancesEdit

For some reason, Munchlax had been promoted by Nintendo and Game Freak before they could actually be used in Pokemon Shames. It first appears in Pokemon Pearl and Diamond as a Pokemon used by several Pokemon Trainers (Of course) and it can only be caught by smearing honey on smelly trees and returning roughly 24 hours later. It also appears in the Pokemon Platformer.


Munchlax have blue, pointy ears that are as big as their heads. Their body is blue except for their stomach and lower jaw, which are cream-colored. Its eyes, of course, are white. It looks like it is wearing a dress that is mostly blue.


Bottom Slam

Cute Face

Body Slam

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