“I herd you liekz Mudkipz, Brock.”
Ash Ketchem


A Mudkip.

A Mudkip is a famous Pokemon that speaks the Mudkip Language. It is one of the Hoenn starters in Generation 3. Since it is Water-Type, this means it replaced Totodile, but it eventually got bested by a penguin known as Piplup.


Mudkips are known as the Water Fish Pokemon as opposed to Land Fish Pokemon and even though they're apparently fish they have four legs, which makes no sense at all.

Many people "like" Mudkips and this has led to a serious condition known as Mudkip Syndrome in which the person starts lieking Mudkips to the extent that they start taking the appearance of them and eventually turn into Mudkipz themselves.


Until 2003, Nintendo and Game Freak have hidden the legendary Mudkipz for a long time. Until Generation 3 came, the introduced them as the Water-Type starter. It suddenly became extremely popular, and even became even more popular after some Pokemon episode aired. In one scene two are seen perched on a rock saying "Mud?" and "Kip!" Its popularity has increased by thousands. This led to a language known as the Mudkip Language, which only consisted of three different words, yet they have a TON of definitions.

A Mudkip was also playable in the Pokemon Platformer game, where it attacked by saying Mudkip. After seeing the extreme popularity, some guy decided to ban them, yet it was unsuccessful, since an angry mob of the Mudkip People killed him, making him replaced by the most advanced robot ever, so much it seemed like it was a human. Later there was a Mudkip Revolt, where a new fad came up that is Magikarp related. They failed horribly and died, though.

Another incident was where DeviantART was taken over by the Mudkipz on some day known as April the First, Two-thousand Eight. Here, it started when a level 5 Mudkip came and had gotten through DeviantART's lousy guards or something easily. It then multiplied, and it had taken over many avatars on the site. This ended by the next day, as many of the Mudkipz were killed afterwards.

Notable Mudkips


  • Since it is so popular, it has been voted that it should be the Pokemon Series mascot, yet the people who make the games want to keep it as Pikachu.