A very smart person

Mr. Mime is one of the most magical Pokemon. It can make invisible walls and invisible floors. The worst thing is, if you believe that there are no walls/floors, they AREN'T THERE! This is why that smart person said that everyone should run for the hills, because whenever you see a Mr. Mime, you can't help but do whatever it says. That is because it's a Psychic-type Pokemon and can control your mind. It has big hands and can slap even the sharpest knives without hurting its hands, because it turns them into blunt knives. That's how strong it is. One of the ways that you can catch a Mr. Mime is by catching a Mime Jr, and then running. You can also make friends with the Mr. Mime, but then it won't let you catch it. However, it might give you an egg that will hatch into a Mime Jr.


Mr. Mime can also be a girl, but they both look the same. Fortunately, neither a boy or a girl Mr. Mime will get insulted if you mix up the pronouns (she, he, him, her, etc.). Mr. Mime has wing-like black hair and a pink face with dots on the cheeks. They have white glove-like hands and black curly shoes. They wear a round shirt/pant with short sleeves and legs. They look a little bit like puppets.






Mind Power

Attack Block

It can also learn other moves with Mime, and then remember them with Memorize. It can block attacks with Attack Block, and stop the opponent from attacking with Hypnotize. It can also make the power of its attacks greater with Mind Power. Multislap is just multiple slaps.

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