Mr. Krabs

Mr. Krabs is crazy! Don't get close to him.

Mr. Krabs is a demonic crab that for some reason, lives in a small river right next to the Pokemon League. He lurks in the river, ready to try to sell krabby patties to unsuspecting trainers trying to get in without the 8 badges. If they don't have the badges, Mr. Krabs will make them wash dishes. Despite all the money he receives, he is greedy 24/7. For some reason, he will not make the trainers that have 8 badges buy his krabby patties. He is a menace to society, so do not approach him.

To teach trainers the ultimate lesson about trying to storm their hideout, the Elite Four hired him to sell krabby patties for over 9000 dollars and keep 10% of the money.


Krabby (level 28)

Kingler (level 38)

Corphish (level 30

Crawdaunt (level 40)

People that have been forced to wash dishes by Mr. Krabs (poor them)Edit

Spongebob Squarepants



A bunch of trainers who have tried to sneak into the Pokemon League without the required badges

The Pillsbury Dough Boy

Ash Ketchum (managed to get away)

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