Wait a moment, pal. It turns out that there's TWO things that are named Meowth. One of them is the entire species and the other is a character who hangs out with some of the Team Rocket people, namely Jessie and James. So, which were you looking for, huh? It can't be too complicated... Or can it? Well, anyone on the Internet should at least know how to count to two and read, so it shouldn't be hard a all. Here, we'll give you brief summaries on both subjects that fall under the same name. That shall make it much easier... I hope. But, oh, I'm just adding on to this, so pick NOW or I am going to... Uh, sorry.

  • Meowth - The species of cats that have these gold things permanently stuck to their heads.
  • Meowth - Some Meowth named Meowth who was property of Team Rocket. Recently, he became a hobo because he wanted cheeseburgers since he was tired of receiving anything else

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