A Lotad is a Water/Grass type Pokemon that lives mainly in water. They look like lily-pads if submerged in water, which is intended to be highly intelligent camouflage but certain idiots, (cough cough Ash cough cough) while high on Antidotes from downtown Poke Marts, believe they can walk on water and step on the Lotad's heads, causing permanent brain damage and rendering the camo useless.

A retarded Lotad in a bucket for some reason

Rivalries and FeudsEdit

Lotads share most waters with the Mudkipz, their mortal enemies but as the Mudkipz are evil masterminds and the Lotads all either have permanent brain damage or are naturally stupid, there is no real contest. Also, Lotads do not have a high enough IQ to ''liek'' Mudkipz, the highest recorded Lotad IQ being 6 and the lowest IQ required for ''lieking'' Mudkipz is 7 (Brock). Lotads also have a long feud with Seedots, but the details of that have been lost at the bottom of a pond many years ago.

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