Kingler is a gigantic crab THAT WANTS TO EAT US ALL! Anyways, it is a large crab-like freak-monster that enjoys pinching things. Over-hunting has brought them near extinction. Humans hunt them for... humans hunt them because it's easy. No other reason.


Kingler is known for its appearance. It is a large brown crab. Some wear crowns to show they are "king". The have a large claw which is too big to move. They can't even walk because their claw weighs them down.


  • Sit There
  • Blink
  • Sleep
  • ESP (Doesn't work)
  • Summon Santa Claus (Does work... on Christmas)
  • Giant Claw attack


  • Use Grass types
  • Spam Protect
  • Use Electric types
  • Attack its weakpoint for massive damage

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