It is a shame that your Pokemon ended here.

Kill is a Pokemon Move that can lead to the death of the opposing Pokemon in a battle. This is done by taking any equipped gun or sword and using it. However, since this attack was seen as being "violent" by Game Freak and Nintendo, this move has a negative 200% chance of hitting the foe. This makes it more useless than Hyper Light Beam and Splash. However, using Action Replays can make this move actually work, thus putting it to some use. In that case, when the opposing Pokemon is attacked it actually dies rather than the usual fainting. This can be useful if the player has a rematch with the Pokemon Trainer who used to have the then deceased Pokemon. Unfortunately, there is a 99.99999999% chance that the other Trainer would call the police. The authorities can be escaped from by Flying, Teleporting, running away while wearing the Mudkip Slippers, or just using some other cheats (i.e. Walk through walls and other stuff like that). Otherwise, if you get caught your character would be arrested and would be kept in prison in a six-by-six foot cell and forced to eat Pokemon manure until they die. In other words, game over man! Game over!

Recently, some people are able to use Kill in game, without getting the police called. One of those even made their Pokemon have 100 accuracy on it! It looks like Nintendo's security is actually decreasing, as this is only in Pokemon Pearl and Diamond, and Pokemon Chaos Black.

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