Judgement is a move learned by Arceus that is supposedly all-powerful or something like that. When it is used, he puts on one of those stupid wigs judges wear, picks up a massive hammer and smiles. Based on what color Braces he's wearing, the move will have a different type. After smiling he uses the hammer to play a game of croquet with bombs. He will hit the bombs towards the opposing Pokemon which explode, dealing massive damage. Recently, Pokemon with Metronome have started using this move too, but when it does happen it says, "The move failed!", meaning that only Arceus can truely use it. However, there is one way of countering it...

If you're Phoenix Wright, (obtained by hacking, as only 10 letters can go into a nickname) the Pokemon you have will learn the move Objection. It counters Judgement, and you deflect the bombs back with a finger point.

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