A Bulbasore using Hyper Light Beam.

Hyper Light Beam (Known by Pokemon fanboys as SolarBeam.) is a VERY useless move in the Pokemon series. When the move is used, the Pokemon shoots out a big beam of light that can make the opposing Pokemon lose 1 HP due to intense light in the eyes. It can also lower the target's accuracy. The worst thing about it is that the Pokemon that used it needs to rest for one turn before getting back into the battle (This was less bad of a problem when they created double battles). Many say it's a rip-off of Hyper Beam and its successor, Hyper Hyper Hyper Beam. Sometimes it can hit the the oppossing Pokemon right in the face, burning it up, causing 20 HP of damage and sometimes burns the opponent.

Hyper Hyper Hyperactive Hyper Super Hyper Light Beam Hyper Game is a game which comprimises the use of the Hyper Light Beam, but since it was so minor in that game they removed it. Now, Hyper Light Beam is part of the slogan of the game: "Hyp-your-ass Light Beam destroy opponents ass for nothing!"